The Lift Conference on 6–8 Feb 2013


“Since 2006 Lift Events explores the business and social implications of technological innovation through the organisation of international event series and open innovation programs in Europe and Asia.

We are a key partner for companies, organizations and individuals wishing to identify the critical challenges and opportunities that will arise from technological innovation and turn these innovation into opportunities.

Over the years, we have created and built a community and a client portfolio contributing to and benefiting from the knowledge and contacts created through our events. We have welcomed over 15’000 participants from 40 countries in over 30 events.”


Abhijit Bhaduri
Chief Learning Officer, Wipro Ltd

Anthony Dunne
Professor and Head of the Design Interactions programme at the Royal College of Art

Atau Tanaka
Professor of Media Computing at Goldsmiths and CTO of Clicmobile

Bruce Sterling
Science-fiction author

Caroline Drucker
Country Manager at Etsy Germany

Christopher Kirkley
Musicologist and creator of Sahelsounds

Daniel Freitag
Co-founder and Creative Director FREITAG

Dave Gray
Author and management consultant

Garion Hall
CEO of

Geoffrey Dorne
CEO, Geoffrey Dorne Sarl

Gudrun Pétursdóttir
Director, Institute for Sustainability and Interdisciplinary Studies University of Iceland

Heather Kelley
Game Designer and Founder PerfectPlum

Justin Pickard
Writer & Futurist at Superflux

Kate Darling
IP Research Specialist MIT Media Lab

Konstantina Zoehrer
Social Innovation Activist, Entrepreneurial mind and Initiator of Startup Live Athens

Mark Sorrell
Development Director at Hide&Seek

Massimo Banzi
Co-founder, Arduino

Maximilian Stern
Political Scientist and Managing Director of foraus

Micah Daigle
Founder, Collective Agency

Noah Raford
Advisor to the UAE Prime Minister’s Office, Crowd-sourcing Expert

Oliver Reichenstein
Founder and CEO Information Architects

Rachel Armstrong
Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich and co-director of AVATAR

Sami Kanaan
City of Geneva Counselor

Sebastian Dieguez
Researcher in cognitive neuroscience, University of Fribourg

Venkatesh Rao
Author and Blogger Forbes, Information Week