Social media weather sentiment map

Clever°Franke publishes annual weather charts. In these charts, they explore methods to visualize last year’s weather.

Social media weather sentiment vs. KNMI weather data

For 2012 they focused on the relationship between weather data provided by the KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) and the sentiments in social media about the weather. Is the way people rate the weather on the internet in accordance with the meteorological facts? To analyse this, we have used 714,843 messages concerning the weather in this chart. The messages were collected from a variety of websites, social media platforms and internetfora. This data was provided by Finchline, a company specialized in social media monitoring.

The 2012 weather chart of this year provides several interesting observations; sunshine is prominent in the way most people rate the weather. The correlation between sunshine and weather sentiment is stronger than the correlation between weather rating and sentiment.

Overall, the Dutch weather is predominantly rated negatively (58%). Only in April and March people rated the weather mostly positive. Along with the increase in general use of social media in 2011, the amount of messages about the weather rose throughout this year. As the months passed, people rated the weather more negatively, especially in the month December.

The weather concerns us mostly on the mornings of working days: the amount of messages peaks between 7:00 and 8:00 AM and during lunchtime. During the weekend, we tend to write less about the weather.

The Dutch generally don’t deceive themselves about meteorological circumstances: the accordance between positive and negative messages about the weather differs only 16.5% from the weather rating based on the data of De Bilt, the Netherlands.

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