ChoiceMaps: A New Way to Measure Neighborhoods

ChoiceMaps is a new tool developed by WalkScore that allows users to evaluate the “choice depth” of neighborhoods.

from ChoiceMaps: A New Way to Measure Neighborhoods — Walk Score Blog.

“It’s great to see more cities adopting plans with goals around access to neighborhood amenities.  For example, Washington DC’s new sustainability plan has a goal of having 75% of residents within a 5 minute walk of healthy food.  But access is only part of the story, depth of choice matters too.

In the travel industry, we’re seeing innovative companies like Airbnb providing more neighborhood information to help people decide where to stay.  For example, if you love eating, you might want to stay in a neighborhood with a lot of restaurant choices.

Real estate analysts want to track how places are changing over time.  For example, whether a neighborhood is economically vibrant (more businesses are opening) or whether a neighborhood is on the decline (more businesses closing).

We’re excited to announce ChoiceMapsTM, a new way to measure access and choice in neighborhoods.”