Review on the ✳UrbanSensing Project: The Urban Pulse

The Audi Urban Future Initiative, a forum for emerging ideas about the critical role of mobility in the twenty-first-century metropolis, a rapidly changing landscape of complex challenges and new opportunities, published an extensive article on the *UrbanSensing Project: The Urban Pulse »

Some parts of it:

Does a city have a pulse? What are the thoughts and feelings of the millions of people who live crowded together in our large cities? How do protest movements arise, for example in Istanbul, and what gives them coherence? And above all: Is it possible to measure, record or even represent this urban feeling? Researchers are investigating these questions in a remarkable project. They are listening to the city, recording people’s emotions, and representing them in visual form. In this way the pulse of a city gets a face.

More on the Audi Urban Future Initiative: 
The Initiative aims to establish a dialogue about urban mobility and sustainable and enjoyable ways to move from one place to another. It is a multifaceted effort rooted in the belief that mobility challenges are best addressed in a collective and interdisciplinary context. Established in 2010, the initiative comprises several components: a biennial, invited ideas competition that aims to stimulate new visions for cities and urban mobility; research collaborations with academic and cultural institutions worldwide; interactive events and workshops that bring together experts from many fields; and an internal, interdepartmental think tank dedicated to issues of urban mobility.

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