Interim review of ✳UrbanSensing project coming up

On Tuesday September 17, the ✳UrbanSensing consortium will have an interim review at the European Commission in Brussels. After 9 months in the project a selection of demonstrators will be showed and reviewed, as well as the general progress within the project will be evaluated.

With another 15 months to go, the consortium will continue to build on the personalization of the platform made for Accurat (IT), aimed at urban policy assessment, and deliver specific iterations for Mobivery (ES), aimed mainly at public transportation, commuting assessment and the iteration for LUST (NL) aimed at communication, exhibitions, and events assessment.

The two-year ✳UrbanSensing project involves six European Partners, that all contribute their specific expertise and skills in the fields of the project. The Consortium includes 3 SMEs: Accurat (IT), LUST (NL), Mobivery (ES) and 3 Research Performers (T-Connect (IT), IT4all (FR), Technical University of Kosice (SK). The ✳UrbanSensing project is funded by the European Union, as part of the FP7 Framework Program.