✳UrbanSensing at “The Building as Interface” symposium and at Design 8080

The Building As Interface (28.09.2013) is a symposium organized by TodaysArt in collaboration with The Mobile City.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a new approach to urban planning. Cities, as well as architectural offices, designers and citizens have taken up an increasing interest in repurposing or improving upon the existing city rather than building anew.

In this approach, digital media have started to play an important role. Social media campaigns and crowdfunding tools are used to connect citizens to redevelopment plans for particular places. All kinds of apps and online services let users temporarily repurpose or reprogram numerous sites – from renting out their apartment as a B&B to running pop-up restaurants and repurposing empty office towers or fallow building sites. Media architecture, urban screens and media facades are designed to ground a building in its social environment, rather than just hook it up to the physical infrastructure grid of roads and power.

In ‘The Building as Interface’ a panel of practitioners explores how digital interfaces organize and empower the public to appropriate a city’s buildings in new ways, where the building itself can become an interface: a media surface that can adapt a building to various uses and connect sites with the wider social fabric of the city

✳UrbanSensing will give a presentation on work in progress and ideas behind the project.