Powerful Data: The city makes its voice heard

A new article on the *UrbanSensing Project was published on the Audi Urban Future Initiative  site. The initiative aims to establish a dialogue about urban mobility and sustainable and enjoyable ways to move from one place to another. It is a multifaceted effort rooted in the belief that mobility challenges are best addressed in a collective and interdisciplinary context. It comprises several components: an invited ideas competition that aims to stimulate new visions for cities and urban mobility; research collaborations with academic and cultural institutions worldwide; interactive events and workshops that bring together experts from many fields; and an internal, interdepartmental think tank dedicated to issues of urban mobility.

An excerpt from the article:

Urban planning is based on knowledge – but for government and business it is becoming increasingly difficult to recognize the needs of the residents of fast-growing cities. The European Union project *UrbanSensing aims to lend a voice to cities by making use of rapidly expanding streams of data.

We all leave our footprints on Earth. With every step that we take, we change our environment. In the digital age this relates not only to our tracks through the real world, but also to the virtual footprints that we leave along our paths. In spite of the numerous traces that we leave behind, individualization and differentiation make it ever more difficult for urban planners, developers and companies too to fulfil residents’ expectations and wishes, which have become more and more heterogeneous in recent decades.

Of course the activities of the NSA have shown what opportunities the digital world offers for snooping. However, there are also advantages, and for all the criticism of spying, citizens’ security remains the top priority of those busy collectors of data in American homeland protection, and the claims that they have prevented many attacks are credible.

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