The Work Packages

The 2 year ✳UrbanSensing project is structured in 7 work packages, each resulting in key deliverables and one dedicated to project management and coordination.

  • Project Management and Co-ordination will provide an effective and efficient management and work process of the project during the contractual period. Its objective is to ensure an efficient management of the project and a consistent high quality of the work to be performed and of the reports produced. Furthermore, it deals with the administrative and financial management of the project. (Lead Beneficiary: Accurat)
  • System Design and Scenarios that provide the background analysis to extract meaningful indicators based on SMEs interests and lead the platform requirements analysis and definition together with the architectural design of the whole system. (Lead Beneficiary: T-Connect)
  • Information Gathering will provide the research and the development of a gathering engine that can crawl information from data sources for every analysis in the *UrbanSensing Platform. (Lead Beneficiary: IT4All)
  • Information Processing will define the harvesting and the text mining engines together with the analysis tools to identify semantic relationships and related topics on specified areas. (Lead Beneficiary: Tuke)
  • User Interfaces is dedicated to the development of the user interface for the visualization of the data graphs and the query system interaction. This is the main entry point for the input, query and searches of the SMEs. (Lead Beneficiary: T-Connect)
  • Validation and Demonstration will provide the planning for the validation and the demonstration activities. It will be one of the ways to test and evaluate the Urban Sensing platform as a marketable product. There will be defined three main sets of validation and demonstration activities based on SME interests: Urban Policy assessment (Accurat), Public transportation assessment personalization (sisu labs), Exhibitions, Events assessment (Lust). (Lead Beneficiary: T-Connect)
  • Dissemination and exploitation will provide an active and professional dissemination of the project results according to the strategy and the exploitation planning activities. (Lead Beneficiary: Lust)